Bisou Wrinkle Correcting Cream

Wrinkles & Expression lines can be the most difficult to combat. Bisou Wrinkle Correcting cream is a topical cream which when used as directed may increase hydration & nourishment and may reduce the apperance of wrinkles.

  • May increase hydration levels.
  • May support dermal nourishment.
  • May reduce wrinkle depth.

Bisou Age Defying Firming Treatment

Bisou Age Defying Firming Treatment is a facial complex which has been formulated with active ingredients & may support skin elasticity & firmness. This may in turn reduce expression lines & wrinkles. 

  • May support skin elasticity.
  • May enhance dermal firmness.
  • May reduce expression lines.

Bisou Volume Enhancing Lip Treatment

Just like our face and under-eye region, even our lips need proper skin care for a healthy apperance. The Bisou Volume Enhancing Lip Treatment may help boost hydration & may support improved lip volume.

  • May boost hydration.
  • May increase lip volume.
  • May restore lip lustre.

Bisou Biotin Daily Care

Biotin (Vitamin B Complex) has been found to support nail, hair & skin health. It offers improved hydration, nutrient delivery & anti-oxidant support. Bisou's Biotin Daily Care delivers a balanced blend of this essential vitamin in an easy to swallow pill form. 

  • Balanced Vitamin B Complex.
  • May support hydration & nutrient delivery.
  • May support hair, skin & nail health.

Bisou Collagen Enhancing Phytoceramides

Phytoceramides are plant based lipids that have a positive stimulation of collagen in the skin's dermal matrix to boost hydration and nourishment. Bisou Collagen Enhancing Phytoceramides is a dietary supplement which may boost skin health.

  • May stimulate collagen production.
  • May increase hydration levels.
  • May reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Lumineux Ageless Eye Serum

The under-eye region is most prone to skin damage, owing to the thin protective layer under it. It is essential to keep the under-eye skin hydrated and nourished for better health. Lumineux Ageless Eye Serum may offer under-eye skin health support & may reduce dark circles, puffiness & wrinkles. 

  • May improve under-eye hydration
  • May neutralize free-radical damage
  • May reduce under-eye dark circles & puffiness

Lumineux Revitalizating Moisturizer with SPF

Lumineux's moisturizer may offer the dual benefit of improving skin hydration while also preventing from sun damage with its SPF formula. The cream when used as directed may help protect from damage & may also reduce apperance of early signs of aging. 

  • May improve moisture trapping and retention ability.
  • SPF content in cream may protect from sun damage.
  • May reduce early signs of aging.

Lumineux Face Mask

Excessive stress, long hours on the computer, free radical damage take a toll on skin health . Lumineux's Face Mask - may offer deep hydration therapy to soothe and relax the skin. When used as directed it may help offer rejuvenation and overall skin health support. 

  • May help stimulate hydration.
  • May soothe & relax facial skin tissues.
  • May offer rejuvenation.

Lumineux Youth Regenerating Line

Lumineux Youth Regenerating Line is a combination of its products, including the serum, moisturizer and face mask. The complete skin care kit may offer multiple skin care benefits.

  • Eye Serum may reduce under-eye skin health.
  • Mositurizer may increase hydration levels & may protect from sun damage.
  • Face Mask may offer deep skin relaxation.

Lumineux Foaming Face Wash

The skin pores are often clogged with pollutants and debris, this may have a negative impact on skin health. The Lumineux Foaming Face Wash is a gentle yet effective exfoliating cleanser that may open up clogged pores & may help the skin to breathe.

  • May help exfoliate the skin.
  • May open up clogged pores.
  • May support overall skin breathability.

Lumineux Gamma-Linoleic Acid

Linoleic Acid has been known to help heal, hydrate & plump the skin. Lumineux Gamma-Linoleic Acid helps deliver this powerhouse skin care ingredient in the right amount to support and promote skin health & apperance.

  • Essential Fatty Acid.
  • May heal damaged skin.
  • May hydrated & plump facial skin.

Lumineux Silica Mineral

Dryness is the primary reason for multiple skin problems. Silica Mineral may help boost the skin's ability to trap, retain & use the moisture - to support skin health. Lumineux Silica Mineral offers this vital ingredient in an easy to take pill form.

  • May support moisture trapping & retention.
  • May increase dermal hydration levels.
  • May boost overall skin health.

Luxure Overnight Renewal Serum

The speciality night serum has been formulated to help the facial skin recover from the daily stress that it endures owing to pollution, digital glare & chemicals. The serum when used as directed may help increase collagen levels & may support skin skin health.

  • May boost overnight nutrient delivery.
  • May relax & soothe the skin.
  • May reducce free-radical damage.

Luxure Ageless Moisturizer

Luxure's Ageless Moisturizer is a facial cream that has been formulated especially for the female skin. Its active blend of ingredients may help hydrate & nourish the skin for an improved appearance.

  • May increase hydration.
  • May boost nutrient absorption.
  • May improve skin apperance.

Luxure Maximizing Lip Filler

Luxure Maximizing Lip Filler is a speciality lip treatment that may help reduce cracking & peeling of lips and may help restore its volume. It may also help with tone & texture correction to improve their apperance.

  • May prevent lip cracking & drying.
  • May subtly add volume.
  • May restore shine.

Luxure Youth Enhancing Face Line

If you are looking for complete skin care for your face, the Luxure Youth Enhancing Face Line is a great choice. It includes the moisturizer, night cream and lip plumper to help you get maximum benefits and best results.

  • Night Cream may reduce dermal stress caused by external factors.
  • Lip Filler may improve lip health & apperance.
  • Moisturizer may help boost hydration and dermal nourishment.

Luxure Deep Cleansing Wash

Washing your face with water might not be enough to clean the stubborn chemicals, pollutants and debris that we pick up during our hectic days. The Luxure Deep Cleansing Wash may help cleanse your face and open up pores.

  • May unclog facial pores.
  • May offer deep cleansing benefits.
  • May improve hydration.

Luxure Biotin Compound

Biotin is a combination of essential Vitamin B's which may support hair, nail & skin health. Luxure's Biotin Compound works from the inside out & may offer dermal nourishment at a cellular level to offer best benefits.

  • May reduce hair fall & damage.
  • May prevent nail chipping & may strengthen cuticles.
  • May reduce wrinkles, fine lines & dark circles.

Luxure Enriching Phytoceramides

Phytoeramides are plant based lipids that offer skin care benefits in form of hydration, skin repair & renewal and nourishment. Available as a supplement form, it is delivered straight into the blood stream to offer maximum benefits.

  • May help increase hydration.
  • May aid in skin repair.
  • May reduce visible signs of aging.